To celebrate a number of family birthdays, we booked lunch at a restaurant in the Swan Valley.  Lovely location, scenic vista – and, according to their website, an extensive menu.  To summarise:
The lunch was a dud…
First: there was a limited menu (not what was on the web) – either a la carte (consisting of about 4 items) – or a buffet.  (I didn’t check the web site – perhaps Mum missed an ‘evenings only’ (or something) qualifier…)
The menu items were either fish or steak with salad and fries, a Caesar Salad and…some ‘other’ thing.  NOT a wide choice – and what I would call ‘cafe food’.
The Buffet consisted of Roast meats (lamb/beef) and veges – and a Chicken Curry
Second: the food was AWFUL.
My sister had Fish with fries and salad.  The salad consisted of mixed greens – which were all wilted and limp. Apparently, the fish wasn’t too bad.
Mum and I had the ‘buffet’.  I started with the roast – and didn’t go back for seconds.  It was tired and obviously reheated.  Given that I am not one to ‘pile the plate’, the $32 cost was a waste of money.  For only a little more, we could have gone to the Witches’.
When first getting the food, Mum and I stood at the Bain Maries and stared at one stodgy looking concoction sitting next to the roast beef.
“what is that?” said Mum – giving it a prod with her fork
“I think it is Yorkshire pud” said I.  With that, we both took a portion.
Back at the table, I proceeded to eat.
Cutting a section of the pud, I dunked it into the gravy and chomped down.  I paused mid chomp and stared at the fork.   The food tasted bizarre – sweet.  Looking closely at the pudding, I spotted black lumps in it.
“Oh no!” said I….it isn’t Yorkshire pud – it is the dessert – Bread and butter pudding”.
“I thought it tasted strange” said Mum
“It tastes REALLY weird with gravy” said I…
“You should try it with veges!” said Mum.
It was the high point of the meal!