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Careful, we might hear you

As a citizen of Western Australia, I watch as both the State and Federal governments become more and more secretive.  Most recently, the state government refusing to divulge information on major financial negotiations with the dismissive 'trust us to do... Continue Reading →

When Harry got married.

This is a tale of love and marriage.  Of star crossed love. My mother has a vegetable patch.  It is only a small one - which she has tended for years.   Up until this year, it was about 3 metres... Continue Reading →

Why Cucumber?

I now own a cat - or : to quote all those fridge magnets..."she owns me". She first appeared in my life about 18 months ago.  I have a bench in the garden - near my back door.  It is... Continue Reading →

Dogs can be pessimists or optimists

There was a story in yesterday's paper that announced that researchers have identified that dogs can be either an optimist or a pessimist.  (who pays for this research?). Apparently the dog that howls and trashes the place when you are... Continue Reading →


sophomania adj: the delusion that one possesses superior intelligence or wisdom

When we had Yorkshire pudding…

To celebrate a number of family birthdays, we booked lunch at a restaurant in the Swan Valley.  Lovely location, scenic vista - and, according to their website, an extensive menu.  To summarise: The lunch was a dud... First: there was... Continue Reading →

Are we raising a generation of cry babies?

The paper this morning contained an article about the results of a survey that show that children today are under 'stress'. There were a number of key 'stresses' - but a couple caught my eye because they were basically about... Continue Reading →

Swim between the flags

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