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October 2010

Why Cucumber?

I now own a cat - or : to quote all those fridge magnets..."she owns me". She first appeared in my life about 18 months ago.  I have a bench in the garden - near my back door.  It is... Continue Reading →

Dogs can be pessimists or optimists

There was a story in yesterday's paper that announced that researchers have identified that dogs can be either an optimist or a pessimist.  (who pays for this research?). Apparently the dog that howls and trashes the place when you are... Continue Reading →


sophomania adj: the delusion that one possesses superior intelligence or wisdom

When we had Yorkshire pudding…

To celebrate a number of family birthdays, we booked lunch at a restaurant in the Swan Valley.  Lovely location, scenic vista - and, according to their website, an extensive menu.  To summarise: The lunch was a dud... First: there was... Continue Reading →

Are we raising a generation of cry babies?

The paper this morning contained an article about the results of a survey that show that children today are under 'stress'. There were a number of key 'stresses' - but a couple caught my eye because they were basically about... Continue Reading →

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